Scion Car Promotion

Scion cars wanted two Boofs for their Exprescion event:


We installed one on either side of the massive airplane hangerish warehouse, and fed each into a projector so the images were viewable everywhere. Boofs must dominate the party, afterall. You can see the projection in the background here, a 4 x 4 grid, with the last 4 pics down the left column. The other pics swap out randomly and fade from one to the next. I'll post that viewer to the download section:


Of course people loved seeing themselves huge. The green squares are where it was fading into the logo. I had it so a random picture would fade to the green Exprescion logo, then fade back in to the next pic. Yes, we're snazzy like that:


People waiting impatiently for their strips:


The stage before the event. They parked a whole truckload of Scion cars behind a translucent wall and backlit it so the stage had Scion car silhouettes for a backdrop, pretty cool:


The Scions behind the stage:


I couldn't believe how many people showed up. Here's the stage while Lyrics Born was performing. The empty space in the foreground is the other stage, there wasn't any inhabitable space left empty for the whole gig. Must have been 5,000 people there, minimum:


And of course, the boofs were the centerpiece of the party. Everyone loved it.


A really bad picture. I need to have a better way for people to put up their strips during the event, since this just looks shabby:


I liked this piece. It's called Made Fresh Daily, there's a laptop where you can enter any 4 letter word and it lights it up in flourescent tubes:


The same piece in daylight, gives you a better idea how it works:

People entering text into Made Fresh Daily, while Bride of Son of a Boof projects behind them:


Some random boof action shots:


The Boof the next day, after the projection screen was taken away. This is Son of a Boof:


And this is his wife, Bride of Son of a Boof. We're thinking about making this one really funky, with glitter and all that, and keeping Son of a Boof clean for corporate gigs:


The stage in the morning:


And the hedge lined red carpet.



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