Windows-based photobooth system

Bill Acceptors and Photoboof

When using a bill acceptor, Photoboof keeps track of the number of credits inserted by incrementing the text file c:\photoboof\credits_file.txt. So for example, if that file contains the text "3", Photoboof assumes there are 3 credits. Some bill acceptors can increment that text file themselves, but a much easier and more reliable way is to connect the bill acceptor directly to Photoboof via Photoboof's button harness.

For example, the MEI 2611 has two yellow wires labelled "to coin trip switch" that send a pulse whenever a bill is inserted. Note that youl need to put the dip switch 6 into the "on" position to enable these wires. After you've done that, whenever you insert a bill, the bill acceptor sends a single pulse (or, if you prefer, four pulses) for every dollar inserted. Insert a $5, and it will send five pulses.

Then simply connect those two yellow wires to Photoboof as described in the Triggering Photoboof section of the help file.

And see the Money Mode section of the help file for instructions on enabling your bill acceptor.

Feel free to email if you have any questions about a specific bill acceptor.