Windows-based photobooth system


See Photoboof software in action.

Main Program Window

The main program window displays all progress messages. Note that all these messages are also written to a log file.
Many actions are available from the main program window. Note that the window doesn't need focus to receive any of the shortcut keys, so you can control it even if it's behind another window.

The Viewer Window

The viewer goes fullscreen, always-on-top on either monitor 1 or, if you have two monitors or a laptop with a video out, monitor 2. Immediately before taking each picture, it displays a graphic which is loaded from c:\photoboof\assets\viewer_cheese.jpg, so you can easily customize it.
After taking the 4th picture it shows all four pictures in a grid. And when it's ready for the next boofus it displays whatever picture you'd like, in this case the "READY!" graphic at the bottom.

The Print Outs

There are a few different layouts to choose from, and more coming all the time. This is the traditional strip layout, which looks great on 2.13" x 6" glossy photo paper, which you can have cut for you at any copy shop.
This is double strip, which is nice if you're printing to 4"x6" photo paper but still want the classic strips.
Here's strip2, a regular strip with the logo at the bottom.
Here's strip3, a regular strip with a logo above and below.
Here's strip-vertical, a regular strip but using a camera turned vertically.
Here's a tight 2x2 picture grid printed to 4"x6" photo paper.
Here's a grid with a logo on the right, also for 4"x6" paper (excuse the cheesy logo, it's from a client).
And finally, a grid with the logo framing the pictures.
There are a few single picture layouts. Here's fullpic3.

A few photobooths running Photoboof